Unique Features


This function emulates a normal class environment where teacher can conduct live classes by text/audio/video and perform online evaluation of student’s activity.


This is one of the most interesting tools which is used by teachers for real time monitoring of students’ activity. It acts as an incognito supervision of students activities and avoid any kind of disturbance or distraction to the whole class where teacher can pick and control a specific student.


The model student feature is a supportive tool which can be used by other students to learn and progress by either follow or refer that particular model student.


It is one of the most advanced and sophisticated tools imbibed in the software which lets students to compare featuring voice and view a graphical representation of the comparison and evaluate their voice on pronunciation, pitch, frequency and the tone of the native speaker.


This simple function helps the teachers in effortless and seamless streaming of video file to students to show or share live or recorded home-videos to the whole class or to a particular student or group.


This is one unique function for streaming online internet movies and showing it to selected students or to the whole class to save the teacher’s time for downloading the movie files.


The teacher or student can plug or insert any external device (USB, CD/DVD) and play or use the files.