Integrated e-Learning


is a great way to spread knowledge & measure the results efficiently. This is a method of learning which benefits the user to learn from anywhere and anytime. The advantages’ of e-learning includes both monetary and time saving for the users.

Considering the advantages pertaining to e-Learning method we have developed an extensive, progressive and Interactive study materials to accelerate and to support the language skills for the needed person. The key benefits include:

  • Supports lessons in text/audio/video of any formats
  • Phonetic , intonation and pronunciation lessons
  • Easy customization of lessons and levels by instructor/Admin
  • Practising and self evaluation
  • Modules for grammar and vocabulary

e-Learning primarily consists of an instructor module and student modules. In addition it offers multi-protected logging in with password protection. The instructor and student modes are user modes while the admin mode is privileged with greater control over the other modes.

Admin Module

The admin mode has an unsurpassed access overriding those of the user modes of the instructor and students. This is assigned for uniformity of assignment and ease of monitoring/administration. Some of Admin controls are:

  • Add Teacher : Add/Edit/Delete instructor and assign classes
  • Add Class : Add/Edit/Delete class and create student list
  • Add Subject : Add/Edit/Delete subject and syllabus
  • Add Institute : Add/Edit/Delete institute
  • Add levels : Difficulty for each level can be set
  • Add Students : Register students
  • Add Group : Add/Delete/Edit Student group for group activities
  • Change group : Group name or members can modified
  • Categorizing of lessons: Lesson can be divided and categorised accordingly
  • Reports : Admin can generate
    • Teacher & Students attendance report
    • Test results

Instructor Module

This module primarily offers the privileges of assigning work to the class/students and monitors assignment progress while keeping a track of student attendances and performance. Other tasks include:

  • Create Lesson : Teacher can create different lessons and difficulty levels for each type.
  • Create Exercise : Exercises with different pattern and type can be created and set for students.
  • Allocate Marks : Marks for each question & exercise can be set and instant can be activated.
  • Assign preset lesson patterns : Any lesson pattern like, one word, fill in the blank, matching phrase can be designed.
  • Customize questions : Question can be designed with various mark, type and difficulty level.
  • View results : Exam results can be generated according to class, students or group.
  • Monitor attendance : Attendance of the students can be monitored as report or on screen.
  • Graphical representation : The teacher can generate graphical presentations of students results based on performance.
  • Reports : Teacher can generate the following reports:
    • Question Bank
    • Student progress card-Group & Individual
    • Exam results
    • Student Attendance Report
    • Exam Schedule Report
    • Student wise Performance Report
    • Class wise Performance Report
    • Subject wise Performance Report
    • Exam wise Performance Report
    • Student profile

Student Module

This module limits accessibility to submission of assignments and receiving scores instantly.

  • View Lesson : The teacher assigned lessons can be viewed and practised by the students
  • Exercise : After following lessons, students can undergo a practise exercise and test their level of knowledge.
  • Instant score : Students get the result of the exercises & tests in a fraction of time
  • Assignment : Students assignments are viewed downloaded & Uploaded under this feature.
  • Homework : Teacher uploaded homework can be downloaded & used and later uploaded by the students.