Modular Features

Administrator Interface

The admin interface offers absolute control with unsurpassed access overriding the user modes of the instructor and students. Primary admin controls include: Adding teacher, class, students and lessons.

Instructor Interface

This interface is privileged with assigning work to the class/students and monitoring assignments in progress while keeping track of a student’s attendance and performance. Other options include: Creating lessons and exercises, allocating marks, assigning preset lesson patterns, viewing results, graphical representation of progress etc.

Student Interface

This interface limits accessibility to submission of assignments and receiving scores instantly. Some features are: Viewing lessons, exercise, instant scoring, assignments, homework etc.

Parent Interface

This enables parents to closely monitor the progress and performance of their children/wards. The reports are downloadable and includes details of: Attendance, exam results, rank list, pie chart of performance etc.

Management Interface

This never-before-available feature integrated into a language lab, permits institutional management representatives can keep tabs on the instructors/teachers and their students efficiently and incognito. At the click of the mouse, they can generate detailed reports on attendances of teachers, exams conducted student rankings and class-wise progress.