iSEE is a comprehensive English language learning program developed and patented by Oréll and coupled with iTell that offers the ease of walk-in and teach for the instructor while enticing students and captivating their attention from day-one.

iSEE is designed for iTell and developed for students to naturally augment and dramatically improve their communication skills in English. Packed with over 5000 hours of structured study material, which exposes the student to every nuance of the English language, iSEE walks a student through the rudiments of learning to communicate effectively in International English effortlessly despite minimal exposure to the language. iSEE features incorporated in iTell are being arranged in to 25 modules, such as:

  • Sounds of English
  • Meanings of words
  • Expressions
  • Situational Dialogues
  • Comprehension Practice
  • Poetry Master
  • Short Fictions
  • Essay Builder
  • CV Builder
  • Email
  • Guide to Letter Writing and Report Maker
  • Speech Craft
  • Presentation Delivery and Art of Public Speaking
  • Documentary Storm
  • Movie Speech-yard
  • News Hunt
  • Telephone Etiquettes
  • Lecture Series
  • Debate Framework
  • Group Discussion
  • Interview Facts