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e-Exam is a completely web-based and interactive student examination platform which is highly scalable, easy to manage, administer and work on. An added features for multiple choice and descriptive questions ensures efficient working and convenience for the candidates to participate in an exam from anywhere across the globe, in realtime, through internet for the already scheduled exams.

Subsequently it allows any number of students to simultaneously appear for the exam and view results individually or all of them and the encrypted file format prevents unauthorized access and ensures fairness in the examination results. The exams can be categorised on the level of competency and type of questions. The question banks creation helps in automation of the exam system.

This software application helps the instructor to :

The Logged-in students can attempt tests which are programmed to automatically deliver scores to both the teacher and student instantly at the end of predetermined exam duration. The results generated can be provisioned as instantaneous for ready score which will be displayed to the users. The evaluation results of the users can be viewed in graphical representations which ease the instructor task to assess the progress, incessantly.

Admin Module

The admin module involves creating a class followed by the staff, allotment of subjects, assigning students to the class, including the corresponding grading system for evaluation are all being entered here. In short, these features below enable the admin to create and manage the administrative as well as the functional structures of the institution.

Instructor Module

This module primarily offers the maximum privilege to create and schedule exams to the participants from anywhere. The teacher can not only edit/delete content but can also assign/control user privileges to ensure that the contents are current and periodically updated. Also can monitor the exam progress while keeping a track of student attendance and performance.

Student Module

This module limits accessibility to the students by enrolling, appearing and receiving scores of the exam instantly.

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