iTell - Most Advanced & Cost Effective
Digital Language Learning Solution

iTell is the world's most advanced and futuristically designed digital language lab system that intelligently harnesses the power of cutting-edge information technology to deploy an easy-to-use yet comprehensive software platform for efficient teaching and quick learning of a foreign language. Coupled with the added advantages of eLearning methodology and flexibility of online evaluation, iTell is much more than a digital language lab – it is a way-of-learning, perhaps the only one of its kind that will forever revolutionize the way we acquire proficiency in a foreign language -- the art of communication simplified.

iTell Features


  • Intercom
  • Conferencing - Selective & General
  • Lesson Studio (Customized learning materials)
  • View Master (Student monitoring)
  • Live Classroom
  • Things-To-Do (Exercises to be undertaken by the student)
  • Controller (Permits the teacher remote-control of the student interface)
  • Grouping and Sharing
iTell Advantages


  • Listen, Speak, Read and Write (LSRW) - The most effective methodology used for teaching and learning languages
  • Review/Compare/Evaluate/Repeat with original/native accents in text/audio/video formats
  • Highly effective listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are developed with access to advanced material in text, audio and video formats
iTell Benefits


  • Teaching and Learning Efficiency are enhanced with the advanced, unique and user friendly features
  • Total Control and Monitoring provide Total Peace of Mind
  • Customized and detailed attendance and progress reports on students’ and the teachers
  • Value Based Pricing with Free Upgrades and Releases
  • Maximum usage of learning and teaching time by eliminating distractions and disturbances

Integrated e-Learning

e-Learning is a great way to spread knowledge & measure the results efficiently which benefits the user to learn from anywhere and anytime. The advantages of eLearning include both monetary and time saving. eLearning primarily consists of an instructor module and student modules (both are user modes), offers multi-protected logging in with password protection and admin mode is privileged with greater control over the other modes.


Add-on Modules


eExam is a completely
web-based and interactive
student examination platform which is highly scalable, easy to manage, administer and enable teachers to create questions in different forms.



One of the key factors
that highlight student performance is a progress report. Our customized reporting system ensures that teacher keep track of real time progress effectively while attending a language lab class.



iSee is a English language learning program developed and patented by Oréll and coupled with iTell that offers the ease of walk-in and teach for the instructor while enticing students and captivating their attention from day-one.



Listening, Speaking & Evaluation as desired by CBSE is incorporated in iTell. Provision for live class is also added for instructors to interact with the students as in a class room.

News & Articles

Enrichment programmes for non-native speakers

Who are non-native speakers? Nonnative speakers are those who are not coming from English speaking backgrounds, who are not that proficient in Language. They are people who would mostly have inhibitions and hesitations when it comes to speaking English Language. Teachers should take adequate care while teaching such learners. It is not a strenuous task to develop one's communication skill in English. With the right kind of practice and training anyone can acquire it. The special focus should be given to the expression, sound, accents and pronunciation etc.

There are various kinds of enrichment programmes that are easily available for English learners these days. There are societies which help the learners to improve their speaking skills. When it comes to speaking in English, the four basic skills that one should develop are; LSRW, which is Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The learning environment should not be just within the four walls of the classroom. A well defined model would certainly help the students to improve his proficiency in the language. ...


itell client “The Humanities and Management Unit, School of Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal, has recently installed Oréll Digital Language Lab (ODLL) software (1+31 consoles). The premium ODLL package is a trusted platform for enhancing communication skills of tertiary level students studying different programs of Science, Engineering and Management. In addition to the vast amount of accompanying study materials, the lab provides teachers the opportunities to produce their own lessons thereby helping to create infinite learning possibilities for students.”
Hem Raj Kafle
Coordinator, Humanities and Management Unit, School of Engineering

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